The Culinary Pantheon

Nigella Lawson

“So much emphasis these days is put on quickly prepared food and skin-of-your-teeth cooking – which is fine, good even, for every day, but if the point of cooking is the end product, its meaning has to lie in the process.  And sometimes, on housebound rainy weekends or when you need to savor a little domestic warmth, you want to inhabit your kitchen, not merely rush through it.” 

Ina Garten

How easy is that?”

Bobby Flay

Lift your head up and make it happen”

Tyler Florence

“It’s about how to make the best meat loaf or fried chicken or macaroni and cheese. It’s about brilliant simple cooking, really.”

Martha Stewart

It’s a good thing!”

Elizabeth Baird

But let’s own up to our own pleasures.  There’s more to fruit than health considerations.  Even the most health-conscious among us give in to a decadent fruit cheesecake sometimes.”

Michael Smith

“This book is meant to be ripped, oil-stained, accidentally burnt and deliberately written on.  it works best in the kitchen – not on your coffee table.  If you shake it and a cloud of whole grain flour or a few fennels seeds fall out, then it’s working!”

Joanne Weir

I don’t know that there are many other things I could have done with my life… I so love seeing new places and tasting new things.”


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