Honeytops! I’m Hooome!

Hey everyone!

After an unexpected and unwelcome break from blogging….I’m finally back! I’ve missed blogging so much….and all of you, even more! It’s been a weird few months with a lot of different things going on and unfortunately, blogging had to take a back-seat for a while but now, I’m back (and better than ever, I think!)

That being said, some of the stuff I’m posting is pretty old, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy it all the same 🙂

First up is an apple pie! I have never tried to make an apple pie before…I know, blasphemy, right? For those of you who know me and my pie-baking ways, I’m crust-girl. I make my crust from scratch – it’s my thing…I’m crusty. However, fillings scare the pie-eating daylights out of me! We’ve all had those pies (usually fruit, and even more specifically, apple) that are watery on the inside, which makes the crust soggy and then the whole pie is just ruined. Blech. So that’s my fear concerning apple pie: that the apples will let all their water out…which the pie crust will absorb and then the reputation of my perfectly flaky pie crust will be forever marred.

I thought that I might be able to fix this problem by sauteeing the apples first with the sugar, butter and spices (like the apples for my apple crisp) and then putting them into the crust and baking the whole lot….there was a distinct flaw in that…overcooked apples…so it ended up a little bit more like an apple-sauce pie. It tasted heavenly with the cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar and there wasn’t a high water content, but the texture of the apples was definitely lost. Must figure out this conundrum….any ideas?

This next, less-than-perfect concoction was made for one of my very best friends, Christy. It’s a chocolate cake with my nani’s famous dark chocolate fudge poured over the top! I know it looks like it’s been through a lot (like maybe a bumpy ride in a Honda Civic…) But I assure you, it tasted very good!

For the writing, I got to use a new gadget, the icing pen, which was super exciting! Very handy if you need to do a lot of writing like on this cake — thanks to my mother’s coworker, Sharon, for this thoughtful gift 🙂

That’s all for this post! But don’t think that’s all for today, I’ve got a couple more things to show you all! Till very soon!

Awesome Blossoms!

Hey everyone!

So the fam got yet another Darbari! This one was for Friday (a couple of days ago).

We wanted to go with yellow and white. I always find that yellow and white is such a beautiful colour combination, so soft and cheerful! — As you can see by the pictures, Awesome Blossoms is a very fitting name for this cake.

Awesome Blossoms is a decadent, triple-layer chocolate cake with a coffee buttercream as one of the fillings and a nutella/coffee buttercream as the other. We got the inspiration for these flavours from Brendan’s coffee-toffee crisps in the blog before this one.

We weren’t sure about the ribbon at first, but I think the polkadots add the perfect whimsy to this dream of a creation.

Here’s a funny story about the transport of this cake. Here we all are in the house, totally jazzed about bringing these cakes to the mosque when we hear a loud boom of thunder outside, followed by a flash of lightning. It was like this the whole ride to the mosque and all I could think was, “well, I guess rain is what the flowers need to grow!” Fitting, eh?

As always, let me know what you think!

Till soon…I’m sure the next post will be holiday-inspired, so stay tuned!

Birthday Bonanza!

Whew! Last blog of the day!

This has been a busy month for birthdays. Two of my very close friends recently celebrated theirs, so of course, my gift was baked goodies 🙂

Pictured first, are Brendan’s Coffee Toffee Crisps! They consist of a chocolate coffee cake with nutella coffee frosting, topped with crushed almond and hazelnut toffee bits!

For Kathryn, I made a plain cake with fresh cranberries thrown in the mix. It was a triple-layered concoction with a fudgey chocolate frosting in between each of the layers!

Kathryn is like me: you can’t go wrong with something ultra girly. So I decided to go with a design similar to the Darbari cakes in a previous blog and added a lovely heart border on the bottom.

Happy Birthday, you two!

May the year bring lots more goodies!

Wedding Bells!

Back again to report about one of the most exciting cakes I’ve ever done!

My very first wedding cake! Well, actually it was a 35th Anniversary Cake for Sheila and Jack Watson — Congratulations!

Sheila and my mum used to work together and are now very dear friends so we were over the moon to be able to do this cake for her.
The cake is a coconut cake, layered with a pineapple frosting (the same as those pina colada cupcakes a couple of blogs ago.

Sheila had requested a snowflake theme for her cake,

and so we came up with the idea of making a sweep of
snowflakes coming from the top of the cake all the way down to the bottom. What you see here, is the “front” of the cake and since the sweep takes a 360 around the cake, the back of the middle tier is where it continues.

Jack is fond of yellow roses so we decided to finish off the cake with a lovely yellow satin ribbon. We thought that the silver dragees added just the right amount of sparkle to this cake without taking away its delicate look!

That’s what we thought…so what do you think?
I am very happy to report that Sheila, Jack and the whole family loved it! (And we’re so happy they did!)

Purple Rain

Guess who’s ba-aack?

This is one of the twin cakes we made for A and S’s mijalis Darbari.
We wanted to make the cakes whimsical and what better way to do that than to make them purple?
These are lemon cakes and they are filled with raspberry jam! The icing is also lemon flavoured. And the answer is yes: they do taste as good as they sound and look.
We made a little batch of cupcakes with these same flavours to try out and if I do say so myself, they were pretty scrumptious!
Onto the next post!
Till very soon!

Oh, Snap!

Hey all!

So today is going to be a blogging extravaganza. It looks like I have been stockpiling baking pictures, lately…I have been baking (really! I have!) but I just haven’t had time to blog about it (curse you, exams! curse you!)

I baked these cupcakes one day, when I just decided I needed to exercise my creative right to avoid studying for a bit! First, we have Mehnaz’s Ginger Snap Cupcakes! These are for my sister since she’s so spicy, herself!

I adapted these cupcakes from a recipe for ginger snaps from Alton Brown . These babies are so special because instead of just the usual powdered ginger, we’ve got candied ginger pieces in them, which give a lovely bite! (Very Christmas!)

The second batch was pina colada inspired. It is a coconut cake with a pineapple buttercream and a little candied pineapple on top, placed just so.

If you are looking for a quick trip to the tropics, these cupcakes will surely do it for you!

That’s it for this blog, but i will talk to you all again in about 30 seconds! Till then, I hope these tide you over!

Hey, Baby!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while! I’ve been super, duper busy with school so I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bake…and voila! My mum’s coworker is a grandpa to another lovely, baby girl as of just last week!


So as a welcome to the world, and a little treat for mummy and daddy (and the whole family), mum and I decided to bake up a batch of what we like to call, our “Hey, Baby” cupcakes: decadent chocolate-orange with a vanilla buttercream, coloured blush-pink!

We decorated them with all things pink to welcome the little one into the world!
So welcome baby, and to the rest of the family, we hope you enjoyed the treat!
Well, back to studying!
Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than later, y’all!