As a baby, I used to fall asleep in my ice cream cones and when my mum pulled them away, only  to expose me to the hot African sun, I would cry until they were replaced in that sweet spot between my nose and chin.  Apparently I was born a foodie!

When I was in kindergarten, we had to draw pictures of our favourite foods.  While most kids drew crude triangles, meant to represent the pizza their mothers never let them have, I drew a brown lump.  When my teacher eloquently asked me what I had drawn as my favourite food, I answered “meat!”.  What I really meant was nihari — a Pakistani beef curry stewed all day on the stove with spices that we just had on special occasions. 

At the age of nine, my mother finally bought me my very first cookbook, “The Great Big Cookie Book”.  I had graduated from chopping vegetables “just so” for her on Saturdays as we cooked for the rest of the week to baking a new type of cookie every Sunday morning.  We even christened my very own “cookie cabinet”, which is still in existence today.

My deep-rooted love for food has not changed.  What has changed is technology – so now, I can blog about it!

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