Cakes Cakes Cakes!

Hello Foodies!

Some of you may remember my venture into Cake City a long time ago and how overwhelming I found it – fondant and buttercream and decorating – oh my! Well, I think that since then, I have come very far – or shall I say we, my mother and sister included! I feel like the fondant covering on the cakes has gone leaps and bounds from before! What say you?

This is one of the cakes we made for Darbari. It is a dark chocolate cake with mint-chocolate-pieces baked right
into the batter. The cream in between is just a vanilla buttercream – the cake was pretty rich in flavour, so we thought that a simple buttercream would let the mint-chocolate really shine through. The cake was then covered with fondant and decorated with a mehndi design! It was a total hit!

This second concoction (last picture shown) was made for another Darbari. The theme the girls were going to be wearing was coral, so we did our best to try and incorporate that into the cake we made. We coloured the fondant for the flowers a sort of coral pink.

Some of your may remember the triple-layer, rectangular cake from a previous post that was covered with light pink cherry blossoms…since then, we got a bigger flower plunger so this cake has big and small flowers…I think it makes it look a bit less sparse and just a touch more dramatic.

With such a fresh, springy look to this cake, we thought it fit that the inside match the outside. The cake is an orange sponge with cranberries thrown in the mix, and in between the layers is an orange buttercream.

The cake had such a lovely, fresh smell when it came out of the oven, that we baked a half batch of cupcakes for us to try – absolutely scrumptious for those times you don’t feel like something super heavy. They went perfectly with a cup of orange pekoe!

A tip regarding cranberries, if you happen to find them on sale, buy a couple of bags and freeze them – then you can just pull them out whenever you want to make a fresh addition to a cake, or anything really! They keep really well in the freezer if you remember to close the bag well when you’re done! Just give the frozen berries a rinse before you use them and that’ll thaw them right out!

I’ve got one more post in me for today, so later, gators!


One response to “Cakes Cakes Cakes!

  1. what an absolutely beautiful cake, (found your blog via one life to eat)

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