Birthday Bonanza!

Whew! Last blog of the day!

This has been a busy month for birthdays. Two of my very close friends recently celebrated theirs, so of course, my gift was baked goodies 🙂

Pictured first, are Brendan’s Coffee Toffee Crisps! They consist of a chocolate coffee cake with nutella coffee frosting, topped with crushed almond and hazelnut toffee bits!

For Kathryn, I made a plain cake with fresh cranberries thrown in the mix. It was a triple-layered concoction with a fudgey chocolate frosting in between each of the layers!

Kathryn is like me: you can’t go wrong with something ultra girly. So I decided to go with a design similar to the Darbari cakes in a previous blog and added a lovely heart border on the bottom.

Happy Birthday, you two!

May the year bring lots more goodies!

5 responses to “Birthday Bonanza!

  1. among ur recent cakes, i think this is the one i like most….love the design….but to eat, that wud be those cup cakes…drooling…wanna be my neighbour?….Looking good in the profile pic!

  2. aww well thank you very much, shabs! … you live in london, riiiight? then of course I would love to be your neighbour! We could eat cupcakes all the time and then go shopping! 🙂

  3. Zohay, your Coffee Toffee Crisps look divine! YUM! When are you going to post more fun pics? (I can see your last post was in November)

  4. err… sorry for mis-typing your name! I feel bad…

  5. Thanks, Sabera!I just got this comment, now! (clearly, a month and a half late!) I will definitely be posting some time this week (school has been super busy but I have been baking…just haven't had the time to blog about it!)Keep checking in! Shouldn't be too much longer 🙂

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